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Saturday, September 05, 2015
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... SGEU Occupations have been categorized into nine "Families", based on
general ... are created, new work is brought into the bargaining unit, or ...
... replace the wording “ SGEU (Saskatchewan Government Employees Union)”
to “Members of the PS/GE collective bargaining agreement.” in every ...
... (the "Employer"). Charles Hunt is a member of the bargaining unit. ... filed on
Mr. Hunt's behalf dated May 2, 1997, designated as SGEU File No. ...
... assessment impossible through its bargaining stance and through its
intimidating and interfering conduct. ... LRBR 11 MCRAE v. SGEU 11 ...
... Laurence Berry v. SGEU.12 ... on a trade union to represent fairly those employees
for whom it enjoys exclusive status as a bargaining representative. ...
... that bargaining was not a one way street, and that both sides had to agree
if a revised agreement was to be negotiated. ... SGEU.9 ...
... in 2007. Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions • SGEU: Article
21.4 Advancing and Responding to Grievances C ...
... to the grievance, Mr. Smith's terms and conditions of employment are governed
by the PSC/SGEU 2000-2003 Collective Bargaining Agreement. ...
... be calculated as per the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements'
Temporary ... Paid leave due to illness: Article 17.1 (SGEU), Article 19.02 ...
... in collective bargaining with its public service unions – Saskatchewan
Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU) and Canadian Union ...
Search Results 131 - 140 Result Pages: <<  12 13 14 15 16  >>  

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