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Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Aboriginal employees make up 12.0 per cent of the total number of employees in the public service.

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... Staffing an SGEU Position; Staffing a CUPE Position. Legal Framework:
Legislative Framework; Collective Bargaining Agreements; Guiding Principles ...
... Service Act 1998, and associated Regulations, the Saskatchewan Government
Employees Union [SGEU] Collective Bargaining Agreement and ...
... the Union for collective bargaining, must be represented fairly.3 ... 1 SCR, 509,
[1984] CanLII 18 (SCC) 4 See Beauchamp v. SGEU [2014] CanLII ...
SGEU Seniority Rosters are produced and distributed annually with an effective
date ... with Article 8.2 of the PS/GE Collective Bargaining Agreement. ...
... someone within the SGEU bargaining unit. ... its bargaining unit. Firstly, SGEU
disputes that the incumbents of this position will regularly teach ...
... then forwards the panel rep envelope to the SGEU Panel Rep ... Resources
Website and the language of the collective bargaining agreements, The ...
... are in accordance with legal requirements, collective bargaining provisions,
and staffing ... Collects the SGEU panel rep's completed interview guides ...
... SGEU Probation and Seniority Implications. ... For Permanent Full-Time positions,
the obligation under the PS/GE Collective Bargaining Agreement is ...
Probation for SGEU Employees. Back to Onboarding/Orientation and Probation.
Please refer to the PS/GE Collective Bargaining Agreement or see ...
Sorting on Diversity - In-Scope (SGEU). Back to Sorting on Diversity. The
PS/GE Collective Bargaining Agreement specifies the order of ...
Search Results 131 - 140 Result Pages: <<  12 13 14 15 16  >>  

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