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Monday, March 25, 2019
Public Service Commission

Starting a new job is often an immense task: there is a lot to learn about a new workplace, new peers, and new work.

This page was designed to assist new employees in the Saskatchewan public service to become familiar with workplace practices and programs.

Scroll through the links below to find out more about your workplace. Most of the links are located within the Public Service Commission's website, but some will take you to web pages located elsewhere on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

This page contains links to a number of sites that provide information on the function of Government: how it operates, and how its operation affects the work of public service employees.

This page provides links to further information about the conditions of your employment: information about your salary, the types of employment within the public service, and your probationary period.

This link contains useful links to information you'll need on the job: definitions of commonly-used jargon, a link to the Human Resource Manual (the collection of policies regarding human resource issues and opportunities for employees in the public service), and the telephone directory. Also included is a link to our collective bargaining agreements with SGEU and CUPE.

Always important! This page provides links to information about how employees are expected to behave in the workplace, and in their interactions with others.

Networks in place to assist all employees with learning more about the workplace, growing their careers, and building connections to enable success.

The Public Service Commission provides an array of learning, training and career development opportunities for in-scope and out-of-scope employees.

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