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Sunday, December 17, 2017
Public Service Commission

Government constructs and maintains its buildings by nationally recognized environmental standards.

The competency model is a basis for acquiring, developing and managing the Government of Saskatchewan’s talent in leadership and management.  The model allows for leaders and managers at all levels of the organization to develop and demonstrate knowledge, skills and attributes in order to contribute to a dynamic and service-oriented public service.

This guide serves to support many workplace activities including:

  1. Career growth and development;
  2. Managers in the hiring process;
  3. Mentor and mentee participants in the Corporate Mentorship program;
  4. Employees in the development of their Work Plans (Planning for Success/In-Scope Work Planning and Review);
  5. Planning for succession, talent management, etc.;
  6. Employees in the Leadership Development Program;
  7. And many other workplace planning and development situations.

Effective leaders and managers in the public service help achieve the desired organizational culture – one with engaged and productive employees

Effective leaders and managers are able to focus on the four key practices found on the outer ring of the diagram:  People, Direction, Change and Results.

Leadership competencies are featured in green and management competencies are in blue.

Visit the links below to learn more about leadership and management competencies:

Leadership Competencies
Leadership is about influencing people to use their potential to achieve organizational goals.

Management Competencies
Management is about getting work done directly through others by using the management functions.

Additional Information
Interactive PDF provides additional information on how to use the document has print capabilities.

Position Profiles

To obtain more information regarding competencies for executive level positions, click on the links below.

Our Commitment to Excellence is found on MiNet under The Public Service Renewal/Culture heading.

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