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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Public Service Commission
Did You Know?

Aboriginal employees make up 12.0 per cent of the total number of employees in the public service.

Effective onboarding/orientation is critical to ensuring new employees feel welcome and get off to a good start in the workplace. This site was designed to provide information and assistance to both new employees and managers who are supervising new employees. 

Unlike the traditional one-time "orientation" session, "onboarding" is a longer-term process of welcoming new employees into the workplace and guiding them to full productivity and integration. Onboarding typically occurs from the time a new employee accepts a job offer to the conclusion of his or her first year.

If you are an employee who is new to government or your workplace, welcome! Please visit the link below for more information about the workplace and what you can expect here.

If you are a manager supervising a new employee, check out the information contained in the Manager's link below to help ensure your new employee has a successful onboarding experience.

Information for employees who are just starting a new job in the public service.

Tools to assist managers in implementing an effective orientation/onboarding program for new employees.

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